High Quality Solid Oil Lubricated Ball Bearings 6801 12*21*5mm

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High Quality 6801 Ball Bearings with Solid Oil

Solid oild bearings, also called molded oil bearings, solid lube bearings etc..


DMAG is the best solid lube bearing manufacturer in China. Contact us now.

Having to refill your bearings with oil is so old school. These bearings are grease-free and have a longer operating life in dusty or water-filled environments. So with Molded-Oil Bearings, you’ll never have to worry about cost of grease again.


Bearings may face series of challenges under harsh conditions where high levels of moisture, dust and other contaminants such as corrosive detergent for high-pressure washing are real issues. Industries like food processing, paper mill and coal conveyor belt also place tough requirement on the bearings.


In conclusion, solid oil bearing is a suitable choice to meet the needs of these particular applications that often heavily exposed to water, dust and dirt. Solid oil as the polymer material moulded into the free space in the bearing. During the operation, oil is released into narrow gaps, which provides effective minimum quantity lubrication.



We offer solid oil bearings in standard types, types for food industries, heavy types and low temperature types. Furthermore, other types of bearing with solid oil can be offered according to requirements of customers and specific applications.


  To sum up, there are top 5 features and advantages:

  • Extended lubricant life
  • Resists washout
  • Long service life
  • Virtually eliminates lubricant leakage
  • Protects against the penetration of contaminants


Quality Guarantee

We will communicate with customers and make sure the work condition of bearing and calculate the key data of the bearing using state-of-the-art software.




1.Food industries

2.Filling machine

3.Applications require clean environment

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