4 Tips to Keep Your Mining Equipment in Great Condition

Author:athena   Release times:2020.01.13

Mining machinery comes very expensive – and that is no surprise.

Given the high level of precision, manufacturing accuracy and parts (some use diamond tips, you know?) that they have on board, the costs are just about justified.

That said, though, no mining company wants the problem of having to buy a new piece of mining equipment everytime. So that this doesn’t happen to you, here are some top maintenance tips to keep your machinery in great condition with a longer lifespan.


1 Clean Equipment Regularly

Mining requires excavation, so don’t even think you can do away with the dirt for any one day.

The operations associated with mining can quickly cause a build-up of dirt, grime, grease and grit on the equipment. On getting into the moving parts, these will cause the machinery to exert itself even more to supply the same level of work.

Over time, efficiency starts to drop and the machine starts to wear faster than normal.

All that can be fixed by cleaning out the equipment as regularly as possible.


2 Grab the Lube

Friction is a serious concern when mining.

Machinery is kept active for long hours on end, and that means a lot of mechanical parts grinding against one another to make that happen. To remedy this, look at all the moving parts and apply appropriate lubrication.

This includes all of the gears, your choice of mining bearings, axles, etc.


3 Adopt Instant Maintenance

One of the biggest threats to machine lifespan is putting off key repairs till later. In most cases, this happens when treatment of machine wear and tear is left for later so that the work at hand continues.

Looking at this from a time-saving aspect, you will see that it is not logical still.

In practice, taking an hour to fix wear and tear issues immediately could save you a week in further downtime if that wear is left to foster. Think about that when next you want to put off that minor fix till later since the machine is still running.


4 Training is Key

OEMs will promise you that some pieces of equipment are fool proof – but they expect that you don’t give them to untrained personnel either.

Thus, one of the very best ways to ensure those pieces of equipment are maintained and treated right, is by giving them to the right personnel.

Invest in quality safety, handling, maintenance and maintenance training for the equipment handlers, and you’ll surely see a difference in how things are being handled around there.

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