Chinese Bearing Manufacturers are Aiming for High-tech and High-precision Bearings

Author:DMAG Bearings   Release times:2018.11.01

Numerous National players in the Chinese bearing industry are taking measures to strengthen their position in the domestic market in order to increase further expansion abroad. Many manufacturers in China need to overcome a number of barriers, including technological backwardness that will allow the production of high-tech, high-margin and high-precision bearings, for which demand continues to grow worldwide.

The Association of Chinese bearing industry and several industrial institutes and organizations made a number of recommendations and suggestions to improve the bearing technology and processing equipment. A number of solutions for the technological problems, the introduction of new equipment manufactured in China, the need to develop R&D and the commercialization of the latest developments are introduced:

– The transition to multi-place machines for the forging of bearing rings with diameters ranging from 50 mm to 300 mm;

– Use of induction heating for forging, which allows accurate temperature control and maintain a record of process parameters in real time;

– Solving of a number of technical issues with the quick cold-rolling billets in a wide range of sizes, particularly for thin-walled parts;

– Use of the CNC machining centers for machining parts with diameters up to 300 mm in the production lines.

– Localize the production of sophisticated equipment for heat treatment, especially with the roller hearth furnaces and furnaces for hardening at lower bainite, which are now imported into the country;

– Study and solve the problems of stable processing of the parts and rolling elements by using high-precision machine tools;

– Implement high-speed and co-grinding, for the grinding of bearing parts

– For large amounts of processing, implement the use of auxiliary equipment for automatic line connection; depending on the type, size and requirements of the product;

– To develop proper assembly line for tapered roller bearings are widely demanded in the market and shall create high added value;

– Actively develop ongoing assembly of bearings;

– Actively use cleaning agents, including for demagnetization;

– Facilitate the introduction of new generation, more efficient high-speed electric spindles, to assure environmentally friendly and low-loss lubrication in production.

In addition, China Bearing Industry Association advises companies to work closely together in the field of innovation, invest in modernization and seek support at the level of national policy, which should lead to the speedy completion of the objectives.


Bearing News: This article is written on base of the articles published on ‘prompk’ Russia and comments from Chinese machine tool industry professionals.

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