Solid Oil Bearing Testimonial

Author:athena   Release times:2021.02.24

Bearings may face series of challenges under harsh conditions where high levels of moisture, dust, and other contaminants such as corrosive detergent for high-pressure washing are real issues. Industries like food processing, paper mill, and coal conveyor belt also place a tough requirement on the bearings.

Solid oil bearings are a suitable choice to meet the needs of these particular applications that often heavily exposed to water, dust and dirt. Solid oil as the polymer material moulded into the free space in the bearing. During the operation, oil is released into narrow gaps, which provides effective minimum quantity lubrication.

DMAG offers solid oil bearings in standard types, types for food industries, heavy types and low-temperature types. Furthermore, other types of bearing with solid oil can be offered according to the requirements of customers and specific applications.

See below as our successful cases:

Coal conveyor for power generation

Bearing Model: 61922-2rs thin wall bearing

Previous Condition: The bearing is installed on the conveying roller in a harsh environment with dust. Due to the high installation position, maintenance and disassembly become very difficult. bearing service life: 1-2 years.

Result: The bearing lubricated with solid oil has been in continuous operation for 3 years and is still working regularly. The service life is expected to be more than 5 years. Bearing cost reduced US$23450 per year.


Solid powder filling equipment

Bearing Model: 61906-2RS bearing

Previous Condition: Bearings are working in a highly dusty environment, where the ultra-fine powder can easily penetrate the bearing, causing premature failures. Bearings are basically scrapped after 1-2 months.

Result: 61906-RS solid oil bearing has been used continuously for 1 year and is still working effectively. It helps customers reduce the frequency of bearing replacement and improve production efficiency.


Powder Grinding Equipment

Bearing Model: 6207-2RS deep groove ball bearing

Previous Conditions: A large amount of fine dust enters the bearing during the powder grinding process, which causes the bearing’s average life is only 2 months. Grease leakage also causes product contamination.

Result: Replace conventional bearings with solid oil bearings. The bearings are in service for around 2 years and are still in use.


Packaging Conveyor-Brewery

Bearing Model: UC208 outer spherical bearing

Previous Condition: In order to ensure the normal operation of the bearing, grease needs to be added frequently to prevent premature bearing failure (grease emulsification failure) caused by moisture and constant contact with water. The wasted grease discharged into the sewer has also caused serious environmental pollution.

Result: With the placement of solid oil bearing, the equipment is under normal operation for more than 2 years now. It reduces a large number of maintenance costs


Paper Mill equipment

Bearing Model: 6202-2RS deep groove ball bearing

Previous Condition: Leakage of lubricants causes contamination of the products in progress, which in turn leads to scrapped parts in batches.

Result: Solid oil bearings effectively solve the issue of product contamination.

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