DAC35660032 ZZ DAC35660032 2RS Wheel Hub Bearing
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Automotive Bearings Part Number
DAC124000183 ZZDAC30680045 ZRSDAC37740045 2RSDAC408000302DAC43/45820037 ZZ
DAC20420030/29 2RSDCA307200302DAC38700037 4RSDAC40800031DAC43/45850037 ZZ
DAC205000206DAC30720037 4RSDAC38700037 ZZDAC40800036/34DAC448250037 ZZ
DAC205000206ADAC32720045DAC38700038 2RSDAC40800036/34 2RSDAC45800045 2RS
DAC255200206DAC34620037 2RSDAC38710033/30DAC40800037 ZZDAC45800048 ZZ
DAC255200206/23 2RSDAC34640037 4RSDAC38710039 4RSDAC408000381 ZZDAC45830044 2RS
DAC25520037 2RSDAC34640037 ZZDAC38710039 ZZDAC40840038 ZZDAC45840039 2RS
DAC25520037ZZDAC34640037 RZDAC38720434DAC408402538 ZZNRDAC45840039 ZZ
DAC25520042 2RSDAC34660037 4RSDAC38720040 ZZDAC40900046DAC45840041/39 2RS
DAC25520042 RZDAC34670037 2RSDAC38720236/33DAC40108001732 2RSDAC45840041/39 ZZ
DAC25520043 2RSDAC34680042 2RSDAC38720236/33 2RSDAC42720037 ZZDAC45840042/40 ZZ
DAC25550043 2RSDAC35620031 2RSDAC38730040 4RSDAC42720038/35 2RSDAC45850023
DAC25550045 2RSDAC35620040 2RSDAC38740236/33DAC42720038 2RSDAC458500302 2RS
DAC255600206/29 2RSDAC35640037 2RSDAC38740236/33DAC42750037 2RSDAC45850041 ZZ
DAC25560032 ZZDAC35640037 ZZDAC38740040 2RSDAC427500045 2RSDAC45850051 ZZ
DAC256200206 ZZDAC35650035 2RSDAC38740050 2RSDAC42760033 2RSDAC45880039
DAC256375206/34.2DAC35650035 ZZDAC39680037 4RSDAC42760038/35DAC47810053 ZZ
DAC254650024/17DAC35660032 2RSDAC39680637 4RSDAC42760039 2RSDAC47850045 ZZ
DAC25720043 2RSDAC35660032 ZZDAC39680737 4RSDAC42760040/37 2RSDAC48860042/40
DAC27520045 2RSDAC35660033 2RSDAC39720037 4RSDAC42780038 2RSDAC49840048 2RS
DAC27520045/43DAC35660033 ZZDAC39720437 4RSDAC42780038 ZZDAC49840048 ZZ
DAC27530043 RZDAC35660037 4RSDAC39720637 4RSDAC42780040 2RSDAC49880046 ZZ
DAC27600050 2RSDAC35660037 ZZDAC39720637 ZZDAC42780045 2RSDAC50900034
DAC27600050 ZZDAC35670042 ZZDAC39740036/34 2RSDAC42800036/34 ZZDAC55900040
DAC28580042 2RSDAC35680233/30DAC39740036/34/ZZDAC42800036 2RSDAC50820033/28 ZZ
DAC25680043ZZDAC35680037 2RSDAC39740039 2RSDAC42800037 2RSDAC55900060
DAC28610042DAC35680037 ZZDAC39740039 ZZDAC42800038 2RSDAC35720033  ABS
DAC28610042 2RSDAC35680042 2RSDAC39/41750037 2RSDAC42800342 2RSDAC37720033  ABS
DAC29530037 ZZDAC35680045 2RSDAC40720037 4RSDAC42800045 2RSDAC37720037 ABS
DAC30500020DAC35720433 ZZDAC40720437 4RSDAC42800045 ZZDAC38730040 ABS
DAC30500020 2RSDAC35720027DAC40720637 4RSDAC42820036/34 ZZDAC38740040 ABS
DAC30540024DAC35720228DAC40720637 ZZDAC42820036 2RSDAC39720037 ABS
DAC30550030/25DAC35720233/31DAC40720036/33DAC42820036 ZZDAC39740039 ABS
DAC30550032 ZZDAC35720033 2RSDAC40720036/33 2RSDAC42820037 2RSDAC40750037 ABS
DAC30580042 2RSDAC35720433 2RSDAC40740036/34DAC42840034DAC40750039 ABS
DAC30600037 2RSDAC35720433 ZZDAC40740036/34 2RSDAC42840036DAC40840040 ABS
DAC30600337 2RSDAC35720034 2RSDAC40740036 2RSDAC42842538 ZZDAC42780045 ABS
DAC30600037/34DAC35760054 ZRSDAC40740036 ZZDAC42840039 2RSDAC42820036 ABS
DAC30620032 2RSDAC36640042 RZDAC40740040 4RSDAC43760043 2RSDAC43800040 ABS
DAC30620038 ZZDAC36680033DAC40740040 ZZDAC43760043 ZZDAC43780044 ABS
DAC30620044DAC36680033 2RSDAC40740042 ZZDAC43770042/38DAC45870041/39 ABS
DAC30630042DAC36720434DAC40750037 2RSDAC43790041/38 2RSDAC438200452RS
DAC30630042 2RSDAC36760029/27DAC40760033 2RSDAC43790041/38 ZZDAC43820045 ZZ
DAC30640042 RZDAC37720033 ZZDAC40760033 ZZDAC43800038 2RSDAC43/45820037 2RS
DAC30640037  ZZDAC37720037 2RSDAC40760033/28 2RSDAC43800040 2RSDAC40760036
DAC30650021 2RSDAC37720237 2RSDAC43800050/45DAC40760041/38 ZZDAC40760041/38 RZ
DAC306500264 2RSDAC37720437 ZZDAC37720437 2RS

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Shanghai DMAG Bearing (formerly known as MAG bearing) is an international bearing distributor locating in the center of a global innovation hub-Shanghai.

Integrity, Innovation, and Cooperation are our core values and the driving force for the development of the company.

DMAG supplies more than 2000 specifications of various bearings, with inner diameter from 1mm to 2000mm.Complied with international standards, we serve a wide array of clients in the worldwide OEM market and aftermarket.

At DMAG, we continue adding new and innovative showpieces to our product lines. We value each new opportunity and partnership, and take each of client’s requirement seriously.

We also encourage our partners and clients to join us in engaging green environmental strategies and sustainable business practices both locally and internationally.

DMAG strives for quality excellence and total customer satisfaction. We tailor our services to meet the individual needs. Contact us now to find out your reliable and cost-effective bearing solutions.


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