Bearing is a crucial entity and is used between two automotive parts that allow for rotation or liner movements. Bearing will enhance the vehicles performance, bear heavy loads, and reduce friction.

The most common bearings used in the automotive industry are Ball Bearings, Plain Bearings and Thrust Bearings.

1. Ball Bearings
Ball bearings are rolling bearings that allow for a decrease in friction rotating between two surfaces; likely a vehicle and the pavement. This bearing will allow for changes in speed, by supporting radial and axial loads. They are one of the most common bearings used in the automotive industry.

2. Plain Bearings
Regular plain bearings that contain no rolling elements are widely used in the automotive industry. This is mainly because they have the ability to bear heavy loads and large carrying capacities. Not to mention they are usually the least expensive. Plain bearings also have a long life-span in comparison to other rolling bearings.

3. Thrust Bearings
Thrust bearings consist of three main parts. Like most other ball bearings they assist in the support of an axial load and allow for rotation between two parts. There are many different variations of thrust bearings available, such as: tapered roller thrust bearings, cylindrical bearings, and spherical bearings. These bearings are often used in automotive and aerospace applications.